Meet Amy!

Hello Oklahoma Librarians,

I’m so pleased to be working with libraries again since I left my position as library director at the El Reno Carnegie Library in October to focus on finishing the master of public administration program at UCO (hopefully graduating in December!).

Amy Bradley
Amy Brandley, Library Edge Consultant

I’m excited to work with you all on the Edge assessment. Edge is a valuable resource that can help you prioritize your technology and community needs while offering you tools to do so. ODL will open a new round of assessments in the upcoming months, and you will have the opportunity to take the assessment if you haven’t yet done so, or you can take it again to see how you have improved. Also the IMPACT survey will soon be available—you will be able survey your customers which will help you gather data on your services and answer Edge questions.

I know, believe me, I KNOW, that library directors and staff are incredibly busy, but your time investment in Edge can end up saving you time. With your Edge assessment results and action plan, you now have inputs for your library’s long range and technology plans. So if you are working on those now, don’t forget to dust off your Edge documents to help you out. You can also use the Edge reports to present valuable information to your library boards, friends groups, and city councils. The results, recommendations, and action plans are easy to understand, professional reports that will provide information about the services your library provides, and make you look good! The Edge recommendation report can also demonstrate to your boards where your library lacks technology resources and why you need funding.

edge logoThose are just a few things we love about Edge. I will be contacting all libraries, but please feel free to email me anytime you need some information about Edge,  need help finding a report, or need to vent about being busy. I’m here to make your life easier and better (well, your work life anyway), so let me know how I can help you with your Edge assessment and action plans.

I want to hear about your Edge needs, and I also want to hear about your Edge success stories. If you took the assessment last year and created an action plan but haven’t revisited that plan in a while, I bet you will be surprised to find that you have already accomplished items in your plan. Again, those accomplishments can be reported to your governing organizations.

I look forward to visiting with you soon!

Amy Brandley
Library Edge Consultant
Oklahoma Department of Libraries

Some of the smaller libraries may feel like they are answering “no” to lots of assessment items, and end up feeling inadequate. Edge and ODL know that no library can offer all services, especially our small financially challenged libraries. We are currently working on analyzing our Edge data from the first round of assessments so that Oklahoma libraries can compare their results with other Oklahoma libraries (right now your Peer Comparison Report compares you with your national peer group). We hope the Oklahoma comparison will be more relevant to you. Watch for that to come out soon.