Fourth Annual Sequoyah Book Award

Sequoyah Book Awards

School Libraries and Classrooms: Register Now for Sequoyah Book Award Posters and Lessons!

The Fourth Annual Sequoyah Book Award Week kicks-off on September 14 with lessons and activities in The Oklahoman and online.

To participate, sign up by September 10 for The Oklahoman‘s Newspapers in Education (NIE) program.

You’ll Get:

  • 25 free 11″ x 22 1/2″ two-sided newspaper wraps/posters promoting the 2016 Sequoyah Book Award reading masterlists (delivered in October)
    (See both sides of the poster)

Note: If you cannot get The Oklahoman via home delivery in your area, contact Bailey Huntsman and request that a set of the Sequoyah wraps/posters be mailed to you.

  • Online access to four print ads that will run in the newspaper the week of September 14 (plus access to online lesson extensions):

September 14 — Program ideas and activities for the High School masterlist
September 15 — Ideas for the Intermediate masterlist
September 16 — Activities to support the Children’s masterlist
September 17 — Promoting the Sequoyah Book Award reading program in your school and library; and bonus activities for the Donna Norvell Book Award title, The Day the Crayons Quit

  • Online access to daily print replicas of The Oklahoman and access to The Oklahoman archives for the whole school year!This NIE program is open to school libraries and school classrooms statewide! ODL will provide the posters directly to Oklahoma public libraries. OLA will also have copies of the posters, as well as 2016 masterlist bookmarks, at Encyclo-Media, October 6-7.

    OLA’s Sequoyah committees have joined with the Oklahoma Department of Libraries, the Oklahoma Library Association, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and Liberty Mutual to fund this promotion with the Oklahoman’s Newspapers in Education office.Hurry! Register by Thursday, September 10 to receive the ideas and activities. Plus, NIE needs a count to determine poster quantities for October delivery. NIE Registration form.

    Need more info on the Sequoyah Book Award and reading program? Start here.

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